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ZZ427/480 - Connect & Cruise

ZZ427/480 - Connect & Cruise

SKU: 19331572



Legendary big-block performance starts with the 480-horsepower Z427/480. A smoother hydraulic roller and the control of either the T56 Super Magnum 6-speed manual or 4L70-E 4-speed automatic make this complete package an easy way to bring heritage-inspired crate-engine performance to your project.  

  • Included Parts


    Engine: 19166393 or 19331572

    Transmission (4L70-E): 19299055

    Transmission Installation Kit: 19332781

    Torque Converter: 19299801

    Transmission Controller: 19332775



    Engine: 1966393

    Transmission (T56): 19352208

    Transmission Installation Kit: 19329902

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