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SuperMatic 2WD 4L85-E

SuperMatic 2WD 4L85-E

SKU: 19300175

Harness the power of your Big-Block of GEN-I Small-Block


If you’re looking to wring all the horsepower from your Big-Block or Gen-I Small Block look, no further than Chevrolet Performance’s heavy-duty SuperMatic 4L85-E 4-speed automatic transmission. An extension of the TH400, widely considered one of the greatest transmissions ever manufactured, the 4L85-E continues the tradition of harnessing large outputs of power for optimal performance.


Advantages of the 4L85-E include an improved valve body, overdrive gear, and advanced electronic controls. The result is a transmission that delivers firm shifts, efficiency, and exceptional drivability with a maximum torque capacity of 685 lb-ft.


Please note that the 4L85-E does not include a torque converter. This allows you to match your engine to the specific converter stall speed characteristics best suited for your vehicle’s intended use. To view a chart of automatic-transmission torque converters, download the catalog or visit your Chevrolet Performance dealer for assistance.

  • Automatic


  • Torque Limit

    685 LB-FT

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