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SKU: 19417356


Forged internal and six-bolt heads that support more boost


For builders who want to stretch the performance of a turbocharged or supercharged combination, we’ve got just the foundation you need: Chevrolet Performance’s new LSX376-B15, featuring a durable, all-forged rotating assembly to handle up to 15 pounds of boost.

Chevrolet Performance engineers started with the tough LS steel Bowtie standard-deck block, added a forged-steel crankshaft, forged rods, and forged pistons, then topped off the short-block assembly with high-flow, rectangular-port LSX-LS3 six-bolt aluminum heads for supercharged and turbocharged combinations.

We deliver the LSX376-B15 without an intake manifold and other accessories, allowing you to tailor the induction system and other features to suit the forced-induction setup of your choice. It’s perfect as an economical replacement for a late-model performer or a great choice to build a high-boost powerplant for a Pro Touring classic.

  • Horsepower

    473 HP

  • Torque

    444 LB-FT

  • Tech Specs

    Engine Type: LSX-Series Gen-IV Small-Block V-8

    Displacement (cu. in.): 376 (6.2L)

    Bore x Stroke (in.): 4.065 x 3.622 (103.25 x 92 mm)

    Block (P/N 19260095): LSX cast-iron with six-bolt, cross-bolted main caps

    Crankshaft (P/N 12603616): Forged steel

    Connecting Rods (P/N 19259381): Forged powdered metal

    Pistons (P/N 12662802): Forged aluminum

    Camshaft Type (P/N 12638426): Hydraulic roller

    Valve Lift (in.): 0.560 intake / 0.555 exhaust

    Camshaft Duration (@0.050 in.): 210° intake / 230° exhaust

    Cylinder Heads (P/N 19201805): LSX-LS3 rectangular port; with “as cast” 68-cc chambers/six-bolt attachment

    Valve Size (in.): 2.160 intake / 1.550 exhaust

    Compression Ratio: 9:1

    Rocker Arms (P/N 12569167 int): Investment-cast, roll trunnion

    Rocker Arms (P/N 10214664 exh): Investment-cast, roll trunnion

    Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.7:1

    Recommended Fuel: 87 octane

    Maximum Recommended rpm: 6600

    Reluctor Wheel: 58X

    Balanced: Internal

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