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350 HO Deluxe

350 HO Deluxe

SKU: 19433038

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From air cleaner to oil pan, this affordable and powerful 350 comes with it all


The classic 350 Small-Block engine has powered countless project cars since its introduction in the 1967 Camaro — and it is easy to understand why: It makes great power and torque in a compact, affordable package. That’s exactly what you get in our 350 HO Deluxe crate engine.


Construction begins with a brand-new engine block with four-bolt mains, which delivers greater strength than that old two-bolt block you were thinking of rebuilding. We also add a set of brand-new Vortec iron heads and a hydraulic flat-tappet camshaft with 0.435-inch/0.460-inch lift specs. It gives the engine the idle quality of a true muscle car without the need for periodic lash adjustments.


As one of Chevrolet Performance’s engines, the 350 HO Deluxe comes with the intake manifold and distributor installed. It also includes the carburetor. It’s just about everything you need to get this classic 350 up and running in your project vehicle.

  • Horsepower

    333 HP

  • Torque

    381 LB-FT

  • Tech Specs

    Engine Type: Chevy Small-Block V-8

    Displacement (cu. in.): 350

    Bore x Stroke (in.): 4.000 x 3.480

    Block (P/N 10105123): Cast-iron with four-bolt main caps

    Crankshaft (P/N 14088526): Nodular iron

    Connecting Rods (P/N 10108688): Powdered-metal steel

    Pistons (P/N 12514101): Cast-aluminum

    Camshaft Type (P/N 24502476): Hydraulic flat tappet

    Camshaft Lift (in.): .435 intake / .460 exhaust

    Camshaft Duration (@.050 in.): 212° intake / 222° exhaust

    Cylinder Heads (P/N 12558060): Vortec iron; 64-cc chambers

    Valve Size (in.): 1.940 intake / 1.500 exhaust

    Compression Ratio: 9.1 nominal

    Rocker Arms (P/N 10089648): Stamped steel

    Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.5:1

    Water Pump (P/N 88894341): Cast iron, long-style

    Flexplate (P/N 14088765): 12.750"

    Recommended Fuel: 92 octane

    Ignition Timing: Base 10° BTDC, 32° Total

    Maximum Recommended rpm: 5500

    Balanced: External

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